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Studying to simply pass an exam is not what drives the faculty at this institution. If you are looking to appear for the next session of NEET/FMGE and want not just a passing score but the best you can get, then start your enrolment process today!

About NEET & NEXT Medical Academy – NEET and MCI Exam Institute in Delhi

Led by a team of qualified and expert professionals, NEET & NEXT Medical Academy is the coming together of two of the most important things – knowledge and experience.

Keeping the evolving facets of education in mind, the NNMA has been built with a modern and state-of-the-art infrastructural outlook. Learning at the NEET Academy has been designed in a way that the student focuses entirely on the curriculum with the least amount of outwardly distractions. Some of the additional facilities at the NEET and MCI Coaching institute in Delhi include a self-study reading room with a 24-hour student and faculty access all 365 days of the year, interactive projectors, digitized classes, proximity to accessible and affordable PG accommodations, and easy public transport connectivity, to name a few.


Welcome to NEET & NEXT Medical Academy

NEET & NEXT Medical Academy is a name that holds true to its title. It is an ‘Academy’ that has been set up with one premier goal – a student’s successful future and career. The team at the Academy truly believes that medicine is a subject that demands and deserves nothing short of the best. When you take a person’s health into your hands, you cannot afford to be anything less than exceptional.

Our Offerings:

  • NEET classes in Delhi
  • MCI classes in Delhi

Why NEET & NEXT Medical Academy?

Preparing for NEET/FMGE with NNMA is an opportunity that not only talks about pen and paper notes, but offers a broader educational perspective. The faculty this NEET and

MCI coaching institute

has been handpicked to offer the students the best of knowledge and experience. The modern infrastructure guarantees a comfortable environment for studies. The 24/7 library adds on to the convenience of those who need those few minutes of extra studies a day. The central location ensures easy accessibility.

Ready to start preparing for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET)?

At NEET & NEXT Medical Academy we offer comprehensive learning programs designed to suit individual student needs.

NEET Coaching Program

  • Eligibility : Students of current batch (academic year 2019-2020) of Science Stream in Class XII and above.
  • Admissions Open!

Ready to start preparing for Foreign Medical Graduates Examination (FMGE)/MCI Screening Test?

At NEET & NEXT Medical Academy we offer comprehensive learning programs designed to suit individual student needs.

FMG Exam / MCI Exam Coaching

  • Eligibility : A medical degree from a Medical Council of India (MCI)-recognized foreign university.
  • Admissions Open!

Medical Aspirants

Prepare each section of the curriculum thoroughly to secure seats in the best medical universities.

Foreign Graduates

Access the world of simplified learning to validate your medical degree from abroad with a practicing license in India.

Modified Learning

Set your study goals and pick the course duration that suits you best for the end goal.

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