About NNMA - NEET and

FMGE Coaching Institute

NEET & NEXT Medical Academy is an educational institution in Delhi that provides a solution to need for dedicated teaching centres for aspiring medical professionals. It is the coming together of two of the most important things – knowledge and experience – with the aim of providing the best coaching for NEET while also being an exceptional

MCI exam coaching institute

NNMA has been built with a modern and state-of-the-art infrastructural outlook. Learning at the NEET Academy has been designed to enable the student to leave all outward distractions behind while focusing on the premier goal of clearing the NEET / MCI exam.

Some of the additional facilities at NNMA, the NEET and

MCI exam institute

include –
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Co-located self-study reading room with a 24-hour student and faculty access all 365 days of the year
  • Digitized classes

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NEET & NEXT Medical Academy is an ‘Academy’ that has been set up with one premier goal – a student’s successful future and career. The team at the NEET and

MCI exam institute

truly believes that medicine is a subject that demands and deserves nothing short of the best.

When you take a person’s health into your hands, you cannot afford to be anything less than exceptional.

Key Features –

Medical Aspirants

  • Prepare each section of the curriculum thoroughly to secure seats in the best medical universities.

Foreign Medical Graduates

  • Access the world of simplified learning to validate your medical degree from abroad with a practising license in India.

Modified Learning

  • Set your study goals and pick the course duration that suits you best for the end goal.

Keeping all crucial things in mind, the NEET & NEXT Medical Academy has been set up in a way to provide the best MCI classes in Delhi for foreign medical graduates seeking to get a medical practitioner’s license in India. Moreover, to help start the medical career journey in the right way, at the NEET academy, we provide detailed NEET classes to build the right form of foundation. The faculty at the institute has been sourced from the best corners of the country to provide candidates an opportunity to learn the course curriculum in a well-defined and detailed structure. Moreover, understanding the stress of exam pressure, the environment at NEET & NEXT Medical Academy empowers students to study with the highest levels of dedication while being surrounded by a comfortable and homely environment.

If your Google search is ‘NEET classes near me,’ you know where to look.

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  1. Full Marathon Batch | Regular Course
  2. Sprint Batch | Medium level Course
  3. Long Jump Batch | Crash Course

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  1. Mock Test Series
  2. Subject Wise Series
  3. Test and Discussion Series

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