Vision & Mission

NEET & NEXT Medical Academy has been set up with the idea to work towards an improvement in the passing percentage of aspiring medical students. Year after year, there has been a visible decline in the number of passing students when it comes to

Foreign Medical Graduates Examination

(FMGE). After years of hard work during graduation, the students are met with a disappointing result at the screening exam. The results have been visibly declining each year leading to a shorter number of medical graduates.

With a mission to change that scenario, NNMA has brought together a team of highly experienced professionals who are trained in preparing the doctors of tomorrow. To become the

best MCI coaching institute in India

, NNMA provides you with an added list of facilities to ensure that you only focus on the most important matter at hand - the preparation for NEET and FMGE sessions.

At NNMA, we are a goal oriented team that focuses on the end result being a positive change towards the medical industry of India. We are nation of a 1.2 Billion people, with a demand for hard working medical professionals across the country! Let's work together towards making that dream a reality by first helping you get the score of your dreams in the upcoming NEET and

MCI Exam

sessions respectively!

We firmly believe that while the foundation of education is crucial to pass any exam, it is the added benefit of having the right form of guidance at the right time that makes all the difference. With the same ideology, we have formulated a detailed course curriculum to help our students stand out from the crowd with the best passing ratio.

NNMA not only provides the best MCI classes in Delhi but also collaborates with exceptional faculty to ensure that the students get nothing short of the best.

Our Services


  1. Full Marathon Batch | Regular Course
  2. Sprint Batch | Medium level Course
  3. Long Jump Batch | Crash Course

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  1. Mock Test Series
  2. Subject Wise Series
  3. Test and Discussion Series

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