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The Full Marathon Batch (Regular Course)

The FULL MARATHON BATCH is the Regular Course for students who opt for the complete course with NEET & NEXT Medical Academy. This course has the longest time duration with complete syllabus spaced out over the entire course duration, giving the students ample time to not only prepare, but also revise and solve all queries in time.

Course duration: 12 Months for NEET Preparation | 6 Months for MCI exam coaching

The Sprint Batch (Medium level Course)

Like one sprints to gain instant momentum, the SPRINT BATCH is the Medium Level Course for students who wish to pick a moderate course duration to match their preparation needs.

Course duration: 6 Months for NEET Preparation | 3 Months for MCI exam coaching

The Long Jump Batch (Crash Course)

If you don't have enough time but need well prepared course guidance for the examination, then this batch is for you. The LONG JUMP BATCH is the shortest course duration offering high levels of preparation and readiness.

Course duration: 3 Months for NEET Preparation | 1 Month for MCI exam coaching

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