Director’s Message

Pursuing medicine in India requires one to prove their eligibility at different levels of education, beginning with an entry level exam called NEET and then screening examination for those who study MBBS from abroad. Without a doubt, the two examinations are grueling and demand the highest levels of preparation and focus.

With a team of highly experienced professionals, the team at

NEET & NEXT Medical Academy

has taken up the challenge to improve the passing rate of annual medical aspirants. We believe an individual with a determination to become a doctor in the country must be provided with the best of resources and guidance to reach their end goal.

With tailored courses for NEET and FMGE, the NNMA team allows a student the flexibility to choose their study timelines. Moreover, we have gone beyond the regular means to help provide the students with exceptional facilities for a conducive study environment.

We have done our bit to make your dream a success; it's now time for you to take the leap!


Our Services


  1. Full Marathon Batch | Regular Course
  2. Sprint Batch | Medium level Course
  3. Long Jump Batch | Crash Course

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  1. Mock Test Series
  2. Subject Wise Series
  3. Test and Discussion Series

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