Clear FMGE / MCI Exam?

How Many Candidates Clear FMGE / MCI Exam?

Foreign Medical Graduates Examination / MCI Exam was introduced as a qualification exam for students studying medicine from foreign countries who seek to practice medicine in India. According to the Screening Test Regulations of 2002, any Indian citizen/Overseas Citizen of India who wishes to practice medicine in India on or after 15.03.2002 based on a foreign medical degree would have to qualify the MCI Screening Test

Every year there are thousands of candidates who graduate from foreign medical universities and return to India aiming to crack the biannual MCI Exam which is conducted in June and December each year. 


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Note: According to the National Medical Commission of 2019, the MCI Exam will be replaced by the National Exit Test (NEXT) within the upcoming three years.

MBBS Abroad Destinations

Over the years, a few countries of the world have come up as the most popular MBBS Abroad destinations. 

  1. Russia
  2. China
  3. Kyrgyzstan
  4. Philippines
  5. China
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Nepal
  8. Kazakhstan
  9. Armenia
  10. Belarus
  11. Georgia

The pass-percentage of foreign medical destinations has been a topic of debate for long. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in September 2019, released a notice disclosing the pass-percentage of different countries for the Screening Test. 

MCI Exam Pass-Percentage: Country Wise 

MCI Exam Pass-Percentage

Data Source

The data shows Bangladesh amongst the nations with the highest passing percentage for MCI Exam. The results of the examination depend not only on the course curriculum taught at the university, but also on the candidate’s level of preparation upon returning to India. The FMGE is often labeled as one of the toughest examinations in India and thus demands that one seeks help from the best MCI Exam coaching institute to crack the exam in the first attempt.
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