Quick Tips on How to Prepare for MCI FMG Exam

Quick Tips on How to Prepare for MCI FMG Exam

MCI FMG Exam 2019 - December Session is scheduled to take place on December 20, 2019.

With only ten days remaining for the FMGE, it is time to put your studies in the 5th gear to achieve the maximum results. Since 2012, the percentage of students clearing the FMGE each year has been reducing drastically. Thus it is essential that students get the right form of guidance to follow a dedicated path to prepare for the final exam.

How to Prepare for MCI FMG Exam

  • Follow the Syllabus

One of the most important points to remember while considering how to prepare for MCI FMG Exam is to cover the entire syllabus without leaving out any topic. It must be understood that each and every topic has significant importance in the preparation strategy as the exam is based on Multiple Choice Questions that can be very scoring if prepared well enough.

  • Notes Are Equally Important

When you ask someone about how to prepare for MCI FMG Exam, the most common advice you will get is to prepare notes for each topic. Preparing notes is a way for you to train your brain to understand what is important and figure out your own personal way to remember it.

  • Don't Ignore Weaker Areas

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make is to avoid the weaker areas and focus only on what they know best. Thus, focusing on how to prepare for MCI FMG Exam, also means focusing on covering each subject, irrespective of your strength in it.

  • Revision is the Key

As someone has rightly said, mugging up will not take you places, it is revising the topic that makes all the difference. Revision is the best way to remind your brain of what all you have learnt so far. It is essential when it comes to retaining core subjects.

  • Focus on MCQ Modules

Since the exam pattern for MCI FMG Exam is that of multiple choice questions, thus working on the same module for how to prepare for MCI FMG Exam is crucial for being well-prepared for the exam. It is advised that students solve the maximum number of MCQs possible in the days up to the exam.

  • Know What Works Best for You

Since the exam is approaching in 10 days, it is advised that the student focuses on the best source of information instead of deepening the confusion by looking into different sources.

Keep Calm & Study On: MCI FMG Exam

Keep Calm & Study On: MCI FMG Exam

Apart from following these basics for how to prepare for MCI FMG Exam, one must also look into the best ways to preparing self mentally for the examination.

Here are some quick tips for you to follow for a healthy and motivated mind for the exam -

  1. Avoid stress of all forms
  2. Keep yourself hydrated as that keeps the mind relaxed
  3. Take regular intervals between your study duration to refresh your mind
  4. Improve your sleep cycle if you have developed a habit of studying at night
  5. Keep your quick notes on your finger tips
  6. Develop personal ways to remember pointers

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